The seminar is based on the chapters in the book along with some additional insights. 

  • Chronos & Kairos time
  • The Journey - identifying why to improve our time management skills
  • Strategic Planning - identifying the mission and vision for our lives 
  • Personal Planning - long-term, short-term, and daily planning; along with value added tasks and planning tools
  • SMARTER Goals - how to turn our long-term plans into more effective goals for us and for the Kingdom
  • Prioritizing - several ways to help you prioritize your tasks and activities 
  • Productivity - best practices to help you be more productive and reduce time wasters 
  • New Habits - using the habits of Jesus' life in our lives 
  • Margin - creating space for God in our lives 
  • Key Learnings & Next Steps

This seminar can be customized for your specific team and needs. The concepts covered work equally well for both individuals and church teams. 

Contact Ken today to schedule a seminar and book signing event for your leadership team, whole church, or other group.

Ken also offers coaching for pastors on all aspects of time management, strategic ministry planning, and leadership. 

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Time Management seminar

Looking for a Powerful Seminar for Pastors and Laity Leaders in All Churches?

Need a speaker for your upcoming conference or event? 

One of the most common requested topics for both coaching and leadership development is time management. This is a very interactive session, with time for questions. 

God gives each of us the same 168 hours a week. Why is it that some of us spend our time more effectively and more efficiently than others? Our time is too short and our ministries too important for us to waste any of the hours God has entrusted to us. 

Author Ken Willard outlines some best practices, time wasters to avoid, and examples designed to apply in your life and ministry. How do we plan for the long-term, the short-term, and the daily? What are the connections between our tasks and our goals? Is there space between your load and your limit? 

Time Management for the Christian Leader challenges readers to identify why they are interested in improving their time management skills, where they currently struggle, and where they want to spend more time.