Leadership Development - Design the perfect seminar for your leadership team. Choose three topics from a list of leadership topics to help grow your leaders as disciples and as servant leaders.

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Contact us to see about having a seminar designed specifically for you and your church team. 

We have more resources at our disposal and can create, design, develop, and deliver on just about any topic you may request. 

Other Seminars:

  • Accountable Leadership 
  • Lead Like Jesus / Situational Leadership 
  • Connections Process 
  • Coaching Skills 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Managing Transitions
  • Bridge Events - reaching the community
  • Church Lifecycles ​

Discipleship - based on the book Stride: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Your Church by Ken Willard and Mike Schreiner.


Discover exactly what we are trying to accomplish with a discipleship process. What a discipleship process is and is not.

Walk through the three stages of creating a pathway for your church.

A time for you and your team to process what you learned and begin to put together a plan for your church.

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Strategic Ministry Planning - This seminar will give you and your team a strong introduction to the key areas of: prayer, church lifecycles, theology of change, values, mission, vision, managing conflict, and SMARTER goals.

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Time Management - based on the book Time Management for the Christian Leader: Or how to squeeze blood from a turnip by Ken Willard. Click HERE to learn more. 

Ken will walk through the key concepts and also sign copies of his book. 

Ministry Seminars

Ken Willard will come to your church, district, conference or organization and lead a live on-site seminar with you and your whole team. 

Seminars are typically done in a half-day session (e.g. 9:30am to 2pm) or two of them can be combined for a full-day learning experience. 

Here are the most popular seminars: