Leadership Development

Are you ready to grow yourself and your team?

Ken Willard will work with you to create the perfect workshop for your church, district, conference or organization leadership team.

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Choose any three of the following leadership topics to customize a half-day learning experience:

Servant Leadership - Servant leader characteristics | Christian leader qualities | self-assessment | practical examples

Effective Meetings - How to lead a more productive meeting | Choosing the right agenda | Art of delegation

Accountable Leadership - Basics of accountability | SMARTER expectations | Staff-led / Mission-driven | Holding others accountable is SIMPLE

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change - Difference between change and transitions | The 3-phase transition process

Conflict Resolution Skills - Conflict resolution styles | Best practices | Resolving conflict biblically | Crucial confrontations

Team Building - Stages of team development | Using individual insights to strengthen your team | Overview of: Myers Briggs / Gallup Strengthsfinder / DiSC Profile

Growing New Leaders - Leadership reflection | Leadership multiplication | Identifying leaders | 12 keys to growing new leaders

Gapology - How to close gaps in performance  | Knowledge gap, importance gap and action gap

Lead Like Jesus - Leadership styles | Development levels | Leading like Jesus skills | The four leadership styles

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